20 Января 2020

понедельник, 07:15




  • Гид из Воронежа стал очевидцем теракта в Барселоне

    ... more! Blood! Run away! I grabbed the 9-year-old boy and ran with him and his family to Petrichol Street. A crowd of mad tourists rushed to meet us on Petrichol. There was a crowd behind us as well. We ran to a souvenir shop on Petrichol. It was a small room. It closed with blinds. We closed the blinds and waited. People were running in panic with wild eyes. It was frightening. It took 5-6 minutes. We jumped out of the store and ran away from Rambla. I understood, it was necessary to leave choosing narrow streets — no way for cars. We past Caelum, along Baixada de Santa Eulalia, past ...
  • Болезни вопреки. Как мальчик из Воронежа победил рак и стал танцором

    ... treatment, the boy had six cycles of chemotherapy, a full course of radiation therapy. Now Sergei is 13 years old, takes up ballroom dancing, is tipped for being a champion in future. Every weekend, the guy goes to compete in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lipetsk ... ... son became a ball – his hair fell out, his body was swollen due to hormones. The hardest part was the first few weeks. I panicked. It seemed that we were condemned. At this time, it is very difficult not to make mistakes. Our friends suggested finding ...

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